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Considering that there are many dice games available and known to men, to come up with one set of dice game rules is going to be very difficult. Their only similar factor is the factor of chance, other than that, it is difficult to die down any similarity.

One common rule, however, although the similarities can still be argued, is that dice game rules are aiming for a point system, that is to come up with a best combination throws either by means of a high throw or by means of combination which dictates the point system. Simply, it is that one must throw the right combination or the high numbers in order to win in a dice game.

Combinations are determined by each game, and the dice game rules governing combination for each game is different. The most common is to come up with series of combination such as three of a kind, a pair, and sorts which can be likened to a poker game.

All of the dice game rules are there to set order in a game of chance. Considering the heavy dependency of the dice game to chance, it is important that the rules and the winning steps are laid down for the players. It can be chaotic to come up with a dice game. Of course, one other common rule in any dice game, or game for this matter, is that they must all be played in the name of sheer fun and camaraderie.


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