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Playing With Dice

Classic Dice Game

Considering that dice is a very simple piece of equipment, it is not surprising that is has been known to exist long before. In fact, it has been said that there are found artifacts resembling dice from those of the prehistoric relics. As dice had been around for so long, the creation of more and more dice games are but becoming regular. From incorporating dice in board games and other kinds of card games, dice games have many variations.

But of course, nothing beats the classic dice games. There are many classic dice games available. Their mechanics and classifications are very varied. Although, of course, as with any dice game, the only thing constant is they are all dependent on chance. As dice games are but games of chance.

There are classic dice games where the objective is to come up with the highest total score per each throw. The victor is the one who can throw the highest in one single throw. These are called total games. Another kind of classic dice game is the point game. Craps is the most famous point dice game. This is when the shooter is dependent on roll of the dice, to win. This is done by determining the wining or the losing throw. Compound dice games are the combination of the above mentioned classic dice games.


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