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Bones Dice Game

The bones dice game is a game which is very similar to yahtzee, the dice game popularized by Milton-Bradley the board game production company. The game involves 6 standard six-sided dice, a pen and paper to note down the combination in the throw.

The goal of the game is to reach the score of 10,000. Each throw has a corresponding score. A straight goes for 2,500. A 5 of a kind goes for 2,000. A 4 of a kind goes for 1,500. A three of a kind goes for 1,000. ones go for 100. While gives get 50.

Who plays first is determined by the highest number of throw made prior to the game. To be able to start getting points, one must roll 500 in order to get on the board. IN order to continue with a turn, one must be able to roll a five, a one or a three of a kind from any of the six dice.

Once one player is on the board, one can now control when to end their turn. However, it is important that every roll garners a corresponding point because when there is no point in the roll, the player then gets to end the turn.


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